The founders of Soulplanet are Jenny and Martin Larsson. In 2019 they decided to create Soulplanet together-a company dedicated to assist in creating a sustainable life for individuals and companies.

Jenny started her first company in 2013. She is passionate about sustainability & assisting people on their journey toward the greatest & grandest version of themselves. She has an MBA & worked sustainability consultant, HR consultant and leadership coach for many years.

She is also a certified yoga teacher, mental trainer and is practising energy medicine. She has a certificate in Plant-based nutrition from Cornell University.

In 2017 she started “The Game changers podcast” with Jessica Isegran. The mission of the podcast is to inspire people to live a sustainable, healthy, happy and fullfilling life.

Martin has a background as a Master Mariner with love for teaching. With passion for all types of sports, training and physical activities. In 2017 Martin became a kite instructor and message therapist. He will gladly take you on tours to enjoy different adventures.