The founder of Soulplanet is me- Jenny Larsson. In 2019 I decided to create Soulplanet -a company dedicated to assist in creating a better, healthier and more authentic life for individuals and companies.

I started my first company in 2013. I am so passionate about assisting people on their journey toward the greatest & grandest version of themselves. I have an MBA & worked sustainability consultant, HR consultant and leadership coach for many years.

I am also a certified yoga teacher, mental trainer and I am practising energy medicine. I have a certificate in Plant-based nutrition from Cornell University. I have also hosted multiple retreats, yoga courses and has been working with Reconnective healing ans “The personal reconnection” since 2013.  am very passionate about animals and also do animal healing and communication.

Currently I am in training to become a QHHT (Quantum healing hypnosis technique) practitioner, in 2023 I will be certified and be able to offer that as a complement to my other services.

In 2017 I started “The Game changers podcast” with Jessica Isegran. The mission of the podcast is to inspire people to live a healthy, happy and full filling life. The podcast is now one of the biggest in the category “Spirituality” in Sweden.

In my experience many of us are not living according to our hearts wishes and eventually we become physically sick or feel unhappy and stressed and not living the life we want. For every individual there is a different journey back to being full-filled and living our best life.

My purpose is to assist people and animals to reconnect to the power and truth of who they are.  When we step into that space, we can reach our highest potential and manifest the life we want to live!

Much love//Jenny