Animal healing/communication

Animal communication/reconnective healing

The same basic principles of Reconnective Healing® apply when working with animals as when working with people. Animals are very receptive to Reconnective Healing frequencies and do not struggle with doubts or questioning; they simply receive.

They seem to have an innate sense of the work and often great transformational healing is evident after working with an animal just once. They seem to tune in very easily and understand the facilitation of the healing frequencies. It is very effective to do Reconnective Healing® on abused or neglected animals. They soak up the healing frequencies and experience comfort and start to trust again. Animal Reconnective Healing is applicable to many behavioral, physical or emotional problems with animals.

I have worked a lot with rescue dogs, horses and cats and seen exceptional recovery in just 1-3 sessions. If your animal for some reason is out of balance Reconnective healing® in combination with communication are great tools to find out how we can find out about their needs and also establishing optimum balance on a subconscious/cellular level.


“Hi Jenny, thanks for another nice meeting❣️

As usual, I need to land for a few hours to take in what happened🙏The fact that you communicated in such an accurate way with my beloved dog King today impresses me, I just say wow 👌😇

Everything you picked up on King, and then relayed to me was so spot on. I got shivers all over my body.

Something big has been healed in both King and me. Now I know for “real” that King and I will develop together in this life. I can let go of my worries. Jenny we are so grateful for your help 🙏

Erene & King♥️🐕”

Erene Bertilsson


“Jenny’s animal communication with our cat Daisy felt just right.

Jenny described her manner and personality with an amazing correspondence to reality, that she really connected with our Daisy is beyond doubt.

Now we have a better understanding of certain behaviors she has and we got clear answers to the questions we had.

In addition, she passed on great advice from Daisy to us in the family about life in general.

Can really recommend this to all pet owners, it gives a new dimension in the communication between animals and humans!

Hugs from me to you”

Jessica M

“Jenny´s energy communication with our dog Niva was fantastic. Being able to get things confirmed and also an additional level of how we can meet her has been very rewarding and also entertaining.

She described her very on point and she also gave her healing which I saw was very beneficial for her. My warmest recommendations”

Therese Thorstensson


Email from a dog owners mother:

“Hello Jenny, When we last spoke, I mentioned my daughter’s dog Malte. He has always been afraid, lashed out at people and animals. Now there is a problem with him in such a way that he growls at their child – she runs away from him now – and it is unbearable. What is your experience with healing dogs with Maltes problems? They have booked a time to put him down but Alice wrote that if Jenny heals dogs, they want to give it a try”

“After Jenny healed our dog Malte on 2 occasions, we experienced Malte coming back into the pack again. We regained the bond between us. He no longer showed signs of depression. He stopped pulling away.
Thanks to Jenny’s help, our faith in the future was brought back to life. A warm thank you to you Jenny!”
Alice & Dick

“About 6 weeks ago my dog ​​got very sick, she both popped blood and vomited, she went to an animal hospital and hospitalized overnight, she got drip and painkillers. Aftercare meant special food for a couple of weeks and then moved on with solid food, Selma has had to take it easy because she did not get as much food and lost a lot of weight, she has nevertheless been good looking and in good courage. Then came a setback when she got back the pain, the blood in the poop and the vomiting, I felt she was close to moving on to heaven. She was given painkillers, anti-inflammatory and probiotics at one time but it did not seem as fast as last time.

I turned to Jenny for help, she gave Selma healing, the following day she started coming back by storm, she wants to drink water, eat and started stretching as she usually do, her eyes became clear again and on the third day she wanted to go for a walk again as usual. Now she is back in full force after just a week. Now my Selma is cheerful, happy, with energy and joy and very good appetite. Wonderful to see.

When faced with not so easy choices in life, this is still an easy choice to make, I have seen and felt differences after healing treatments that I have received and my animals have received.

Thank you Jenny for your amazing ability ”

Josephine B