Animal healing/communication

Animal communication/reconnective healing

The same basic principles of Reconnective Healing® apply when working with animals as when working with people. Animals are very receptive to Reconnective Healing frequencies and do not struggle with doubts or questioning; they simply receive.

They seem to have an innate sense of the work and often great transformational healing is evident after working with an animal just once. They seem to tune in very easily and understand the facilitation of the healing frequencies. It is very effective to do Reconnective Healing® on abused or neglected animals. They soak up the healing frequencies and experience comfort and start to trust again. Animal Reconnective Healing is applicable to many behavioral, physical or emotional problems with animals.

I have worked a lot with rescue dogs, horses and cats and seen exceptional recovery in just 1-3 sessions. If your animal for some reason is out of balance Reconnective healing® in combination with communication are great tools to find out how we can find out about their needs and also establishing optimum balance on a subconscious/cellular level.