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Soulplanet's mission is to bring people and organisations back to an optimal state of health. Sustainability for body, soul and planet is our ultimate goal. There are several roads there depending on what suits you as an individual or as an organisation. We offer a vairety of events, retreats, mental and physical training and individual coaching on different levels for a true state of well-being.

We are convinced that a sustainable and optimal state of health can only be achieved if you approach it from a holistic point of view. We need to come back to balance not only in mind and body, but also emotionally and spiritually.


Our Services


Inspirational Talks

We do long or short inspirational talks, all tailormade for you to give you the tools needed for sustainable change.


Individual Coaching

The goal with all our coaching is to assist you to step into the greatest version of yourself and to create a healthy and sustainable life.



For individual customers but can also be arranged for companies or groups!


Animal healing/communication

Animal healing/communication is really effective to help animals that are out of balance.



We offer the powerful and well researched healing modality of Reconnective healing®


Corporate wellness

We will create tailor made programs for your company with the goal to assist your employees move toward a state of sustainable health and wellbeing. We also have a multitude of workshops, please contact us for a discussion so we can accomodate your specific needs. Examples: Sustainable leadership Create a sustainable life situation Eat good. […]


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